Complaints Policy

Resolving Complaints

OeVisa is committed to providing its customers with the highest standard of service. If you have a concern or complaint, we encourage you to contact us so that it can be resolved.

When you make a complaint to us we will:

  • Acknowledge your complaint and make sure we understand the issues
  • Do everything we can to fix the problem
  • Keep you informed of progress
  • Keep a record of your complaint
  • Give you a name, reference number and contact details so that you can follow up if necessary
  • Provide a final response to you within 45 days

Complaints Procedure

Step 1. Contact us

Please speak to a Customer Service Specialist at OeVisa in the first instance. Our staff will be pleased to assist you and complaints can often be resolved at this early stage.

Step 2. Internal Investigation

If we can’t resolve your complaint on the spot, or if it requires more detailed investigation, the matter will be referred to our General Manager. We will ask you to set out your complaint in writing, providing as much detail as possible so that the General Manager can fully investigate the issue. They will then contact you with the results of their findings within 45 days of your original complaint.

You can contact us on +63 915 310 2702 for further information as to how complaints are handled by us internally.