• Simply, we make it easier for you. We have created an online space where you can find all the information you require regarding your visa requirements. And if we can help, then we give you the option to apply for your eVisa through us.

  • Currently we provide eVisa’s for the following countries, Australia

  • If you make a country selection on our homepage then you will be given the necessary information to apply for your visa to the country you are visiting. In some cases, it will be a link to the government department that can assist, in other cases it will be a link through to your closest embassy. If we do not have the required information then we will also advise that we are unable to assist.

  • We are available 24/7 through:


    Email info@oevisa.com

    Whatsapp +61 44 989 1046 (message only)

    WeChat ID OeVisa

    Facebook messenger ID OeVisa

  • Part of the application process is an account creation. This account allows you to login and track your eVisa applications as well as view any historical applications

  • We guarantee it will be processed within the timeframe stated, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee that a visa will be delivered on time as the relevant government agency still needs to approve the visa that you are applying for. The times we provide are the usual processing times and in most cases the visa is approved within this time frame. However if there is a delay then we will be sure to notify you of this as soon as we are advised. Also, please bear in mind that processing times from country to country do vary.

  • You can pay with credit card, debit card or paypal

  • In the instance a eVisa is not granted, we do refund the service fee to you. We are unable to refund the government fee as this is not refunded by the government.

  • We recommend that you have at least 6 months validity on your passport for the entire length of your trip. Often the visa is linked to your passport so it is important that if you update your passport that you also find out whether you will need to apply for a new visa.

  • Before boarding your flight, the airlines staff should check that you have the necessary documentation to board your flight. If you do not have the right documents then you will need to obtain before boarding.

    In some cases such as with the Australian ETA this can be done within 20 minutes, however some countries such as India will require at least a day or more.

  • At this stage we assist only with the eVisas that we listed in our visa page - however we are constantly adding new visas so watch this space. As we add more countries we will list them in here.

  • Having an account with us allows you to login and not only track the progress of your visas, but shows you any historical visa that you have applied for in the past.

  • When you are logged in to your account you have the option to “Manage Account” and it is in here that you can update your password.

  • By logging into your account you can see the status of all your applications. When an application is complete the status will update to “complete”

  • An account is created for you as part of the application process. If you already have an account then you can simply login if you need to process any new eVisas using OeVisa.

  • All country applications are different, but generally speaking you will need your personal details, address details, contact details, passport information and a debit card, credit card or paypal account. In some visa applications you will also require your travel information.

  • As part of the application process you will be creating an account which will allow you to login and moniter your applications and see any historical applications you have had in the past.

  • You can visit our visa country page to find out more information about the eVisas we provide and the conditions that come with that eVisa.

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